Recursive employer definition

Hello all,

i am evaluating ERPNext and i have one doubt: is it possible for an employer doctype to refer a chief which is a reference to the same table employer with an already defined row being the person he reports to?

If so can you please explain how?

Thanks in advance

@WhiteKarma can you explain with an example?


01 BOSS 100000 NULL
02 MARY 050000 01
03 TEDO 025000 02
04 JANE 025000 02

So in this example you have the boss that reports to no one (NULL), Mary Ann reports to the Boss ( her chief ID =1 ), both Tedo and Jane report to Mary Ann ( their chief Employer ID = 2 ).

Thanks for your reply.

In the Organisation section of the Employee, you can assign the “Reports To”

OK, thank you very much for your answers.

Can you please give me a quick example of how i can use custom tables for direct access to db and to get info and a RPC to deliver me the JSON, what would be the best practice using the using an already created but empty application and a new site. I am trying to make a short prototype with not much time and i am struggling with the structure. I tried the RPC example here but i can’t get it to work.

Thanks in advance

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