Redesigning the visual identity of ERPNext foundation

Hello all,

I am a new member to the ERPNext community, I joined frappe team and I will be helping them with designs and illustrations.

As a part of our ongoing effort to give ERPNext foundation a new visual identity, we have started redefining the visual language for the foundation. We already started the work with a new design for logo of the foundation. And we believe that the community should also have a part in this excercise. We request your feedback and constructive criticism on the designs that I am attaching here. Please choose one of the options, you may suggest some improvements as well.

Thank you


Call me old fashioned, but can we please have the ERP and Next the same Font? Can I suggest the circles with no fill and the borders in the three different colors?

Can we also see a ERPNext Foundation logo?




This will be the logo from the foundation.

Inspired by the 3 circles slide :slight_smile:


Yep. I recognized the three circles.

I would suggest a triple Mobius:

It’s an open community for all Users, Developers and Implementers and sometimes we find ourselves sliding from one group to another.


Why would we want a logo that is detached from ERPNext’s logo. This makes very little sense to me.


My choice is Option 3…

i will just change it to a circle and font for ERPNEXT same


I would like to propose an image which were used to define the future of foundation. Which has ERPNext Foundation in center as a big circle and there are communities including ERPNext as smaller circles all around.
Something similar to…

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I like option 1 with the ERP font similar to the Next font.

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Do the Circles on Options 1,2,3 have meanings?
What about the colors ?
Letters are ok either option 1 or 2

Option 1 looks good. Also we can incorporate Jay’s suggestion to have same font for ERP and next. Maintain the same classic violet color.

In design point of view, as mentioned by JayRam, the font should be the same font.

Every color and shape must bring some meanings. This will help them foundation growth in the future together with the logo.

What about moving the 3 circles behind ERPNext? and adding foundation text under it? just a thought…

Do we need a new logo right now?
Maybe a logo should be about last thing on a design groups current list of things to do?
I personally feel:

The current visual identity of ERPNext Foundation should be it’s product.
This is the only branding worth anything at present.
All foundation design efforts should be put into UI/Usability and Customisation.

I do love some of the creative ideas above.
Maybe we could add a whiteboard/visual design collaboration page within the foundation’s ERP. A page where people can pin up different visual ideas and get feedback. The ability to star or vote on differing designs would be excellent. Does anyone know of a open source solution that would be fast to implement in Frappe/ERPNext? It could even be a 3rd party solution.

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Some thoughts here:

  1. Keep the logo uni-colour sort of close to the actual logo.

  2. Add the word foundation in thin font and small caps below ERPNext (which I agree should be same size/style) i.e. FOUNDATION

  3. Drop the circles and go for block shapes 2-D layered transparently which would represent developers/implementers/users on top

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I totally agree with you,

This isn’t a foundation-led effort.

I just want to share my ideas as following image.