Redirect from one doctype to the previous

I have a question, someone knows how I can redirect from one doctype that I create to another and that it takes the fields with he

You can use frappe.set_route to route to any doctype and frappe.route_options to pass along the fields that you want to.
Take a look here

@Danny_Gallegos & @Zlash65 i m also freezed on the same situation.
please read my post. i’ve defined all details in this. @Zlash65 help me with keep looking my scenario. then @Danny_Gallegos will also get help from that, because we have same problem.

Hello, thanks for answering

I already knew the function frappe.set_route and also frappe.route_options

what I do not understand is that parameter can be set to return to the previous doctype I was using.

A clear example is in Purchase Invoice, if I do not have an address, I’ll create another one and when I save this new address, go back to the doctype of the Purchase Invoice, that’s what I want to do