Redis and Memcache is necessary in developer mode?


Is the Redis and MemCache is necessary when I in my machine? Developer Mode?

I`m asking that, because it’s so hard to use a V.M. to develop, and I want to develop using my laptop, using MacOS

I just install mariadb, but, it is really necessary install Redis and MemCache in my MacOS?


Memcache is for caching docs so that they dont have to be reloaded from db and files.

Redis if for scheduled tasks.

you can do without both.

even i have disabled memcache.

Thanks! I think, for development process, caching is not necessary… :slight_smile:

But, I try to install frappe in macos, I got error (also I opened another thread), I think these error occur because I dont installed memcache and Redis, and I move to install them… But the error still appears…

Thanks for reply, you answered my question :blush:

You should always check with cache enabled! Caching is also a source of bugs.

In v5 we have dropped memcached and everything is now on redis.

Ok, thanks. finally I could install redis and memchached.

@ellipeh have you tried the vagrant file at:

I use a MacBook and installed this with Sequel Pro to get a visual overview of the Db (Have now purchased Querious while its on special), Sublime Text 3 and terminal. The vagrant box allows direct file access via finder to all the ERPnext files. I have found this to work well.

A gottcha. Pay attention to instruction 7 on the github page. I found that " the one that you have to use is in /vagrant/frappe-bench directory" didn’t appear straight away. I needed to reboot vagrant after ERPNext failed to install completely at /home/vagrant. But this was probably just me stuffing up the install process.