Redis cache server not running

Hello there!

Getting redis cache server error after a long time. Tried to resolve but seems like old methods are no more working. Any suggestions? I’m on ver. 6.27.25.

Some traceback may be helpful:

`$ sudo supervisorctl status
frappe:frappe-web                RUNNING    pid 15972, uptime 7 days, 13:08:54
frappe:frappe-worker             RUNNING    pid 15971, uptime 7 days, 13:08:54
frappe:frappe-workerbeat         RUNNING    pid 12572, uptime 0:46:06
node-socketio                    RUNNING    pid 15974, uptime 7 days, 13:08:54
redis-async-broker               RUNNING    pid 15975, uptime 7 days, 13:08:54
redis-cache                      FATAL      Exited too quickly (process log may have details)