Redis sharing strategy

What’s the way to share redis among erpnext instances?

I’m planning to put redis into another ecs instance / aws redis.

Said I have 3 erpnext ecs. Do 3 erpnext ecs sharing same redis connection? eg. worker a, socket a and queue a.

Or each erpnext ecs have own redis connection? eg.
e a —> worker a, socket a, queue a
e b —> worker b, socket b, queue b
e c —> worker c, socket c, queue c
which i have to create new set of 3 redis connection / port before create new erpnext ecs :smiley:

@adamtang79 one ERPNEXT instance needs 3 redis

1 for cache
2 for async tasks
3 for websockets

You will need install these redis and ensure they are accessible for the instances you need, but, the unique thing you need is change the common_site_config.json

ERPNEXT is smart enough for you share a redis across many instances, but you never should share across many purposes

Hi @max_morais_dmm thanks for replying.

Do you mean multiple erpnext instances can share the same set of redis connections right?

I’m trying to host mariadb, redis, and erpnext / frappe separately. The erpnext will be in an image preset to the same mariadb and same set of redis connections. It’s internal usage, not saas.

@adamtang79 yes, multiple instances can share the same set or redis connections


That’s a good information. Thank you @max_morais_dmm.

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