Redunding an invoice

Hello community,

I am new to erpnext. So I am facing some problems hope you will help me.
I wanted to refund an invoice and I enter everything in the journal entry a message should come to the pos. But nothing happens. What shall I do?

Thank you

Welcome to the forum.

Assuming your situation is that you have created and submitted a POS invoice (which includes the payment) and now you need to to refund the customer who wants to return the product (named ‘item’ in ERPNext terminology).

The default procedure would be to

  1. open the invoice and (from the blue “Make” button on the upper right)
  2. create a Return/Debit Note.

This, together with a corresponding payment Entry [not required if the return credit note also is marked as POS]), should nullify the invoice and payment created originally.

This would also work for partial returns of course

What if the invoice was created in the prior year, in another system?
We just started using erp in January but I need to refund a customer for an order
that he placed November 30th and is currently in my QB. Can I just post a payment
entry or do I dummy an invoice (making sure to not update stock) then refund against it?