Ref: Looking for solution to add items from Quotation Doctype

Dear All,

I am looking for a solution to add items in items master from Quotation doctype child table, for example,

if there is no item in Items master table then i want to add item in Quotation doctype but it should be added into item master doctype.

Kindly share the thoughts;


Dear gsbaig,

you can make a button to call new item quick entry form with that.
Or you can try below steps to verify if you have code in your database. and create from there.

  1. when ever an item code/name entered check the database for it’s present or not
  2. if item code/name not present in database open new item quick entry form

but it gonna be problem if you entered not well remembered code/name, so create duplicates and also if you have a lot of items in your database your queries will be slower, and it gonna be pain to enter 20+ item in an Quotation.