Refactored Bank Reconciliation Tool - How Does it Work?

Can someone please walk me through how the new bank reconciliation tool works?

Previously, after uploading bank statements, the transactions are loaded and I’m supposed to compare and reconcile bank statement transactions with payment entries. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the flow and interface seem to have changed. I have also uploaded my bank statement multiple times and nothing happens after the upload. I can’t find any documentation on how the reconciliation tool now works. Any direction on this will be appreciated.

@flexy2ky Did you try what is mentioned in the following documentation Bank Reconciliation Tool?

Can you please add some screenshots or GIFs to help someone assist you further?

@Deepesh_Garg Thanks for your response. I had read this documentation multiple times and followed the instructions but the document left out a compulsory field in the Bank Statement import… Bank Account. And this is where I was having challenges. I eventually figured out what the issue is with the Bank Statement Import.

A bank account column is compulsory during statement import but it wasn’t mentioned in the documentation.

So when I uploaded my statement with the stated fields, I got this error:

Adding this column helped my upload work and I am now able to use the tool. This additional field requirement should be added to the documentation to prevent confusion.

Although a feature requested years ago is still not available which is the ability to reconcile multiple payment entries against bank statements. this is due to the fact that some 3rd party payment gateways collate all payments received on a given day and settle as a single transaction even though each customer transaction is individually processed on ERPNext. This makes it very difficult to reconcile these transactions.