Reference CustomerID, CustomerUser, CustomerCompany

Hello Community,

I am very new to ErpNext (but with experience in other perl /ruby on rails webapplications though) and after I spend some time trying to evaluate and configure the application to the demands of our company,
I seem to struggle to understand the logic behind customer parameters. I hope i can make myself understood.

In my humble understanding, I should find an option to reference following entities:

In my unerstanding (I am used to), have a CustomerID (i.e. an Organisation), one or more CustomerCompany Locations (i.e. multiple Addresses) and of course the CustomerUser (i.e. multiple Contact).
All entities would be referenced to a CustomerID, which identifies them to belong to the same Organisation.

Now I´d like to figure, If am totally barking up the wrong ally, as to how I should interprete ErpNext logic, as I cannot figure how to reference multiple CustomerUsers to a CustomerID and CustomerCompany.
Is this at all possible? If so can someone push me into the right direction?

Gladly appreciate any suggestions



Edit: include Diagram

Not sure about three levels, though one customer can have mutiple contact and address. You can do this in the reference section in Contact as well as Address doctype. Clicking New contact or address button from the Customer will also set this reference table.

Thank you Ranjith,
I will have a look into those references.

Yes, this seems to lead into the right direction :slight_smile: