Reference Type in Journal Entry detail

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May I know in Journal Entry detail, what is the reference type for and it seems that it will affect the ability to save a journal entry?

I had put “Journal Entry” in Reference Type and receive this error.

For {account_name}, only credit accounts can be linked against another debit entry.

The Reference type is to link the journal entry to any reference transaction for the account selected in the row.
For example a travel allowance or a telephone bill. You can directly debit Telephone Expense (instead of your telephone company) and credit your Bank on payment.

Debit: Expense Account (like Telephone expense)
Credit: Bank or Cash Account
And if there is a invoice or entry created for this allowance this can be linked here. In the latest version when the reference type is selected, there is a drop down list of entries for the type selected.

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Yes, but when we select ‘Telephone Company’ name in party then it shows payable in Payable Report:


Is there any way to mention Telephone Company name in JV?