Referral Setup for Customer

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build referral setup for Customers.Please help me to achieve it.
Use Case :
Let’s say Dental Clinic has taken ERPNext for their CRM and healthcare.
Now when patient wants to refer ERPNext to new customer then both (i.e. Existing patient
and new customer) gets some amount of discount on next visit.

Sales Partner will not work in this case,please suggest other methods to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe look at setting up a special price less discount , name it referrals sales price.
So it wont be the standard sales price when you select sales invoice,referrals are an ad-hoc feature.
You may need a custom field on the new patient doctype , called “referred by” , this would\could then be linked to the current customer base , select the customer who referred them.
Just a thought …

Thank you for your response,but please can you explain it a bit more.