Reflect Prepayment as Asset instead of Expense

Dear all,

I am encountering a problem when trying to make accounting entries for our Employee Insurance Premium. Under our insurance, we pay the full premium at the beginning of the coverage period (1 year). However, if an employee leaves after, for instance, 5 months, we will get a refund equivalent to the outstanding amount (i.e. 7/12 of the premium in this example).

According to good accounting principles, this PREpaid premium should be booked under Assets instead of Expenses. The conversion from “Prepaid Premium” as Asset to “Paid Premium” as Expense will take place subsequently (usually accounted for at the end of the financial year, e.g. if 3 months of the coverage period are still outstanding at the end of the financial year, then 9/12 of the “Prepaid Premium” under Assets will convert to “Paid Premium” under Expenses with 3/12 remaining booked under “Prepaid Premium” as Assets.)

How do I implement that concept in ERPnext?

I have found one similar discussion here: Prepaid Expense paid for fixed period - #4 by umair
But in my opinion, the proposed solution does not solve the problem because there will still be nothing reflected in my “Prepaid Premium” account under Assets.

I figure that prepayment for insurance premiums (health, car etc.) are fairly common and hope that someone can advise on a neat solution. Thank you!


Hi. any solution for your answer? i need it too.

my idea:

  1. create warehouse for this prepayment item. set stock account from COA
  2. create item group. set expense account.
  3. implement prepaid expense as above discussion

Hi. I have the same need as well

As a work around I created my asset accounts and set the account type to Temporary for the Account Type. It appears to be working but not sure this is the most elegant solution.

It would be nice to have Account Types “Prepaid - Asset” for prepaid expenses. In past work situations I have also seen the need to have a “Prepaid - Liability” for prepaid revenues (deposits to hold something or a delivery date).

Would be interested if someone has a better solution to my “Temporary” accounts.

Hi did you solve this concern? What are the steps that you make to record the prepaid expense per month?