Refreshing all Variants name when an attribute abbreviation have been changed

Hello folks.

Okay. Hypothetical use case.
I have screws. I have a lot of SHCS. Lots of variants. From these variants, I have the attribute Finish that can be some value:
zinc plated

I’ve set the abbreviations as BLK, ZP, and GV, and created all my screws variants from those.
Ex: SHCS-M6x1-L8-C10.9-BLK.

Now, I noticed that I didn’t needed tree letters for the ‘black’ abbreviation. Just BK is enough, and is more consistent with the two others variants.

I noticed that if I go to the attribute list, and change the abbreviation from BLK to BK, the Item Names or Code are not changed updated to ‘-BK’ and stays ‘-BLK’.

Is there any way to trigger a renaming of all templates variants based on the new attributes abbreviation?

Not as of now, you will have to head over to the variant and manually rename it

Okay. I think it might be possible to script this right?

I don’t really understand the naming scheme of ERPNext. Doesn’t all documents have a unique ID in the database? Because without this you cannot track an item in time when the name or code is changed right?