Refunding shipping

We regularly refund excess shipping when combining orders for our customers, but once I remove the items from the sales invoice in the credit note, it won’t let me proceed. Similarly, I need to refund a discount amount that the customer was not able to apply in their shopping cart, with the same issue. I need to track this within the customer’s sales history because if they return an item or the rest of the order later, I need to see that part of it was already refunded.

Hi Kate,

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So you are saying you have two orders for the same customer. Item A + Shipping Cost of $10 and Item B + Shipping cost of $10. So, you are saying that you club these two orders and the order will look like : Item A + Item B + Shipping $12 (or it could be $10 shipping) and so you want to refund the customer $8 as shipping charges.

Another client was trying to apply a $2 Coupon on the Shopping Cart and wasn’t able to. So you want to refund the customer the $2. But you want to be able to track this in the Invoice, so that if there were to be any sales returns, you don’t want to refund them back amounts you don’t own them?

Do your orders stay as Sales Orders on ERPNext? If so, do your foresee a problem in canceling the sales invoices (the combining orders situation) and initiating a merged sales order or amending the sales order to take care of the coupon. Once that is done, you make the Sales Invoice and everything should go through okay.

Hope this helps.