Reg active directory integration with erp next

I am playing around with erpnext for a few days now, installed it on a ubuntu system, everything went well, now i am trying to integrate with Microsoft Active directory hosted in a windows server 2019 vm, i am able to save the settings of the ldap to erpnext but now i am unable to authenticate the user from ldap.
Basically the ldap has 3 users user1,2 and user3 and my base dn is


, and my search path for users is


all the 3 users are inside this path only. And the search string is
now whenever i am trying to login i am getting this error message

User with email: None does not exist in the system. Please ask ‘System Administrator’ to create the user for you.

I am not sure about this error information, is it generated from ldap or from erpnext,
can somebody help me to sort this out.
and the installed apps are
ERPNext: v14.x.x-develop () (develop)

Frappe Framework: v15.x.x-develop () (develop)


It was ldap settings which were misleading, adjusted them and now works fine.

Will you please share your ldap settings that works with active directory?