Regarding casual leave balance in leave application

Casual leave balance shows 1 when the employee applies for this particular leave it takes the application but at the time of approval shows an error saying that there is not enough leave balance for the type of casual leave.

Attached screenshot for your reference.

Any Update on this guys. Even we are facing the simalar issue. The Balance Leave shows 1 but we cannot submit the approval request. The above example is shown in demo erpnext. Kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible @nabinhait @shreya115 .

Dear @vijaypatel,

Kindly check Leave Allocation of Casual Leave.
please dont mention anyone specifically for the request you are raising,it is a public forum,no one is responsible for any question.


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I apologise for wrongly mentioning any of the people names. I Have checked the leave allocation of causal leaves. There we have allocated 12 leaves and when the employees applies for the leave of 1 day it shows the balance of 1 leave. But when the HR tries to approve the leave and submit the leave approval. We get the error message stating there is not enough balance for leave type causal leave.

Vijay Patel

@vijaypatel did you checked the from date and to date of leave allocation is valid

@hereabdulla Yes, we have checked its valid. Calendar year from Jan 1st till 31st Dec. When we implemented ERPNext some employees used their leaves so from the month of April how many leaves where balance those i have allocated to everyone accordingly.


kindly share the screenshot of Leave Application too

Please find


I can’t submit this leave application even if there is enough leave balance. Please help me. Thank you.