Regarding forking repo(private repo) in erpnxt 15

i want to clone or fork one repo to contribute/ make changes in it localy, so how to initialize that forked app in my local mechine in erpnext 15.

currently i forked it and installed that using get-app and created new site installed that app in that site .but while starting bench and opening that ; the files shown in that original app is not showing in which installed app on the site.

so my question is it working all ok? if not i want the solution

Hi @afrin,

It sounds like you’ve successfully forked the ERPNext repository and installed it locally using bench and get-app. However, when you start bench and open the site, you’re not seeing the changes you made in your forked repository.

Make sure to double-check everything:

When you’re forking the Repository, ensure it’s done correctly with respect to the branch. Also, when using get-app, make sure to specify the branch name like this:

bench get-app --branch version-15 your_erpnext_repo_link

Migrate and check it, the site worked properly or not.

Thank You!

i did not even make any changes. to make any changes first-of-all we want to look that site know…
what iam saying is while looking to the original repo site/app the doc-types…or other stuff are not listed in my local site/app. while showing the original contents then only know what changes we done in localy…