Regarding Javascript Module Extension

Hi Everyone
I want to add few changes in many of module javascript files, But i cannot do it directly in the code, so that it will not break the code after update, upgrade of ERPNext. I want to extend these javascript classes by extending in another new app.
EG :- As we see In “Chart of account” its tree structure of of all accounts with Cr and Dr balance amount in right side of the module. This value of balance is getting calculated on the basis of “JV entries” added in Accounts similarly we have “Chart of Cost Center” in which we define budgeting for particular Accounts.

I have extended this javascript in following manner in new App in global javascript code.
erpnext.AccountsChart = erpnext.AccountsChat.extend({})
But its not updating change on frontend, as its not calling new change from another app.
Can anyone suggest how i can proceed this.

Changes like these would have to be done in the core app, or just make a copy and extend it. Not everything is extensible.

Thanks Rmehta for your suggestion.

If this is generic, why not modify it in erpnext and contribute?

Sure Anand

Hi Anand
I found few generic issues related to generic V5 on ERPNext, i want to contribute it to ERPNext, then what is procedure to do it.

Send a pull-request via GitHub