Regarding Routing and Item Operation

Has anyone used/explored the Manufacturing module with Operations?
There is an option to define the Routing on BOM. However there is a field on Work Order under Raw Material Table where we need to define the Operation for that particular Raw Material, what is the significance of this field?
What if a single Raw Material has goes through multiple operations (defined on Routing in BOM)? How does one keep track of where the Raw material is on the Production Floor (Defined as one WIP warehouse at present)?
Also the sequence of operations is not recorded anywhere.
How do you transfer material from one Workstation to another? Right now, there is material transfer button only on the first operation along with Start Job Button.

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Somewhat related question, but more basic: what is the purpose of defining an Operation at the per-item level in the BOM material/item table, and also defining the Operation in the BOM separately?

I get the impression that the Operation value defined against an item row in the Work Order is redundant and unnecessary?

I think that information is used when you “Transfer Material Against=Job Card”

Thanks @Manan_Shah for pointing me in the right direction.

The operation value indicated inside the item table does get transferred into the Job Card if the transfer material against job card is selected.

It’s interesting that a user can still change the operation related to an item in the Work Order from what was originally set in the BOM. When one does this and creates a Job Card, and if the new operation defined is not in the original BOM, then the item is no longer included in the Stock Transfer form.

I suppose it would make more sense to just lock (read only) the operation field for the item table in the Work Order?