Regarding Upgradation


Is it possible to upgrade erpnext from v5 to v6 without affecting my code.
because i have change some existing functions of erpnext like in employee, salary_slip doctype’s functions and also existing field.and also add many new fields & functions and i didn’t maintain github repository.

and also if i do upgrade will it affect my code??

Thnx in advance. :smile:


Its depend on How you added your code?

If you added new fields via customize form and new script via Custom Script then you can successfully upgrade from v5 to v6.

If you change core python file then it may break your update.

We write custom function in separate app and call custom function from or custom script.

okay Thank you so much @kolate_sambhaji for your kind reply.

so, how to make new app such that it use existing moule.
e.g. i want to create new app for HR Module which use existing HR module as I want some customization in that module, so how can i do that ??

First make new app:

To manage custom script/print format/script in separate app:

Call your custom function for HR Module from
Not Found [CRUD Events]
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call your custom function for HR Module from custom script
Not Found [see method path]


gracias… @kolate_sambhaji … !!! :smile: