Reinstall ERPNext

Hey there,

I crashed my complete frappe/erpnext environment.
After reading some posts about removing ERPNext/Frappe I started to clean the following pathes:

  • complete frappe and frappe-bench
  • mysql package / mariadb package
  • nodejes
  • tmp/.bench

My next try was to reinstall with the installer but I get an error with access denied every time.
So my next step was to preinstall mariadb and start the script → same error!
Can you give me any suggestions to reinstall frappe and erpnext without wiping the server?

I try the installation on a fresh local system same like Server (CentOS 7) and it runs perfectly.

Best regards

Do you get access denied for the database?

Sometimes even if you remove the package MariaDB, the databases are not actually deleted.

You could try connecting and dropping the database manually.