Reintroducing Online POS

Recently we have found some major issues in offline POS, issues like keeping data in localstorage, server side validation, searching of customers and items in the cart etc. To fix this issue, we have reintroduced online POS.

To access online POS, disabled field Use POS in Offline Mode, reload the page and goto pos

Features of Online POS are as below

How to add item in the cart, numpad to change qty/discount/rate of selected item

Payment using Numpad, print and email functionality

How to add serial no in the cart

Search item group

Indicator for stock availability

Currently this features is available in the develop branch and soon we’ll add into master branch. You can also check the online POS features in , Kindly share your thoughts on the online POS.


Any idea when this will be available in Production Mode? I am not able to run developer versions in my client test facility so I must wait for it to be ready in production.



It is already available in We are planning to release it by EOD or tomorrow



Thank you!!!

I will wait until tomorrow then to setup my next production test version on my clients cloud server. They are very anxious to test the fixes. They want to put it into use in a live store by next week.


That is great @rohit_w, thanks a lot!!!

I just tested a little bit on the demo and it seems that there are some small issues when clicking on an item in your cart:

The details don’t show up (or like when you click on the total line). Don’t know if that is what is supposed to happen, but we can’t change the quantity, discount or rate.

The + and - buttons are also not working.


I found in the demo that these items can in fact be changed but it now takes place directly on the line in the cart. The data no longer appears down in the lower left side of the keypad.

Try clicking the function button first then the numeric value. i.e. click “Disc” then click the 5 to make a 5% discount right on the line in the cart.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @bkm,

I just cleared my browser’s cache, tested it again on the demo and it works now.

That’s great! :smiley:

Just to know if the Prices List was also reviewed?
A customer with a special/own price list was not working before…

Just tested a little bit further:

When setting “Credit Card” as a default payment method, the cursor is still in the “Cash” field when clicking on “Pay”:

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Is there a chance that you also will have a button POS view in Sales invoice? where items you entered in sales invoice also will reflect in POS.


Thanks for reporting, created the issue on GitHub Auto focus on default mode of payment Field in POS · Issue #10763 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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@ahmad18189 @random.1

Browser on mobile/tablet issues showing customers in queue… The button does not work.
Have not tried the mobile app yet.

Ok, I want to try out the new “Online POS”

I loaded a fresh ERPNext instance and loaded all my data with a restore and migrate. (just 30 min ago… all new)

I cannot find the “POS Settings” screen that @rohit_w posted in his inital post on how to use this new “reintroduced” feature.

Where is this POS Setings screen?

I have tried searching in the awesome bar for POS Settings and it gets me nothing.

My installation is a production mode and I was told by @makarand_b that is was going to be in the master today. Where am I missing this setting screen?



We have identified some issues and replanned to release the online POS, Subscription Module and Healthcare Module, User Progress feature in ERPNext v9.0 by next week.

For now please online POS is available in develop module

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I am in develop mode but it is still showing same old version

Hi @Max_Fun

Did you disabled field Use POS in Offline Mode in POS Settings? If no, kindly disabled it and reload the page

That is good news. Thank you for the update. I am not permitted to run developer mode in my client test sites so I can only test production mode. I will wait until after Tuesday next week and try it again.