Relational Doc fields in erpnext

Hello to everyone,
I am new in ERPNext Development. So i want to know that, Is there any many to many relationship concept in erpnext for two doctypes? (like odoo)

I have already configure many to one and one to many relationships between two doctype using Links and Table type of docfield respectively. But i am stuck to build many to many relationship between two doctypes.

If possible in erpnext then how?

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Thank you.

Hello to everyone,

i have same question.
is there any many to many relation or that type of concept in ErpNext?
if there, then how can i add many2many field in custom doc type ?

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Thank you.

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I want to really need a help regarding this stuff. Please Help me.
Thank you.

Ok I got the solution for relational field problem. I think there is no any many to many relation directly in erpnext. So We have to manage those stuff with the use of dynamic link in erpnext.

Thank You.

Hello @Chandresh_Thakkar

I am new on ErpNext. for kind information I am odoo developer and now i am comparing odoo and erpnext technical stuff.
I tried dynamic link but its takes only one relation at a time but i want many2many relation.
For example :
One Student can participate in many Events
and one event have many student.

can any one suggest me.
how can i achieved this kind of stuff?

Hi @NCP please reply for this for problem because I too have same doubt.

Have you find solution @Hetal for this problem.