Relationship between ERPNext Core and separate apps

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I saw in a different topic that for some time now “Healthcare is a separate app”.

Can somebody explain to a newbie what that actually means? What is the relationship between the Core and separate apps? Is a separate app still able to be fully integrated into an ERPNext installation?

Thanks for any hint.

Hi @MZ_per_X,

In ERPNext, the core application provides basic functions to manage various aspects of the enterprise, such as Core module, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, CRM, and more. However, ERPNext allows for the development and integration of separate apps to meet the different needs of different industries or to introduce specific features.

“Healthcare is a separate application,” means that a specific application has been developed to address the needs of healthcare-related businesses within the ERPNext ecosystem. This separate application focuses on tasks specific to healthcare management, such as patient records, appointments, medical billing and other related processes.

The relationship between the core ERPNext application and the separate applications is that these separate applications can be installed alongside the core application. They are designed to work seamlessly with core functionality, providing additional features or customizations tailored to specific industries or use cases.

Here I share posts that are all apps separate in v14 and v15.

Yes, a separate app can be fully integrated into a Frappe installation. Integration usually involves installing separate applications within the Frappe framework and configuring them to work alongside core functionalities. This integration allows users to access and use the features of both the main application and separate applications in a unified interface, providing a comprehensive solution for their business needs.

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Thanks a bunch for your detailed answer, @NCP , that really helped my understanding.

I take away that, from an end user’s perspective, it makes no real difference if a functionality is part of the Core or delivered as a separate app.

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