Relative time frames in visual report builder in ERPNext: How to use report filters correctly?

I would like to get an email that includes all elements that have not been updated in the last 4 weeks. But I do not know, how to configure it. You can only choose fixed dates in the report builder. Is there a way to use relative time frames in these report filters?

Use Between instead of the comparision operators

„Between“ would allow a „time frame“. But how do I get a relative time frame?

Can you elaborate ?

I would want a time frame from today anf the mast seven days for example. I understand, that on the web interface I can simply configure it. But I want to send Report Auto Mail. Thus I need the dates to update automatically each day. Relative time franes like „last week“ or „last 30 days“ would be able to achieve this.

Does that help to understand the need?

We faced this as well. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do it using the Report Builder. We had to convert it into a Script Report, and use server-side logic to apply the time frames dynamically.

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I have thought about this. But it defeats the beauty of the UI report builder. This is accessible to all of our employees and gives them the ability to tweak the reports easily. Just this is “too easy” to fall back to a script report. But your answer helps me understand, that it’s not possible as of now.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi Do you want to quote us for implementing this feature into core?

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I know what you mean. We only have one small report where we needed this, so we didn’t spend more time on implementing a general solution, but it could have easily just been a configuration than a development problem.

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