Relax child table validation

Is there a way to relax child table validation:

  • Option My Doctype for field my_doctype is not a child table

i never had this validation in version 11 since i upgrade to version 13.

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Why? if it’s a valid check then why remove it?

1 - In most case one sized does not fit all. Yes it his a valid check. What are some of the issess that can occure if it not a chield table? I have used ERPNext with my tables not set as chield and it work with out any issess. If ERPNext want to enforce that validation check on child tabel that should be a setting you can turn on off. I have apps that update customization by adding child table that is currently broken beucase of this check and to make matter it does not affect ERPNext for me if it a child table or not. so yes i would like to turn it off.