[Release] Auto / Perpetual Inventory Accounting

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing the new Auto / Perpetual Inventory Accounting feature. In the old version, there was no separation between Fixed and Current Asset values and it was still necessary to create adjustment entries at the end of a period. With the new release, inventory value and their corresponding account balance will always remain in sync.

For more details, please read at:
1. http://erpnext.org/docs.user.stock.accounting_for_stock.html
2. http://erpnext.org/docs.user.stock.perpetual_inventory.html

To activate new Perpetual Inventory system, you have to follow some steps. Please check the following link for more details http://erpnext.org/docs.user.stock.migrate_to_perpetual.html

Note: If you are already using old Perpetual Inventory system, kindly note that it will be deactivated. This is to ensure that all users are on the same platform and this is done to reduce your efforts in the long run.

Nabin Hait

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