Release - clarification

I am a little confused about what a “release” is in ERPNext terminology

that newest one here is v7.1.1 and it says “2 commits to master since this release”

does that mean that master is now on 7.1.1 already? If so would that consequently mean a bench update results in 7.1.1 (if the existing version was still a 7.0)?

The commits are always merged in master via a release. So, ideally there should not be any gap between latest version and master branch.

But it was my fault, I had merged a PR by mistake which was sent directly to master branch. Thats why it was saying “2 commits to master since this release”. But now if you check v7.1.2, then there is no gap between master and release.

In ERPNext, master branch always reflect the latest version.


thanks, so everything what is listed in releases is equal to the the current ‘master’ (at the time of the release)?

In other words, there will never be a release in ‘develop’ for example (that was my main point actually because I wasn’t aware that 7.1 was released)

@vrms yes release will always be in sync with master. ( develop and master can be at the same point, in case develop is merged with master and then a release is done against the master, but a release will be tracked against master)