Release: Community Portal

We are releasing a new Community Portal:

The goal of this portal is to connect users who want customization, ERP Implementation services etc to Service Providers. Listing on this portal is FREE and will always be. So please post your customization requests or update your profile as a service provider. Right now we do not manage payments via the portal, but we will soon do so.

If you are a service provider, this portal will also become the gateway to become a Verified or Certified partner in the long run. As you build your credibility, you will also get more work doing ERPNext customization. This is also a great way to get
new leads.

Please let us know your feedback.

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This is good idea and also will be helpful

Good work and one more time, well done!!
We all just has to thanks to the team. We help each other, thanks!
So, one question:
How do we become a Verified or Certified partner?

Thanks Rushabh for this common platform for service providers and service seekers. Now users can share their requirement for getting good bids from service providers.

Thanks for your action.

@luisfmfernandes right now those who are paying us $599/year are verified partners!

The portal itself is built on Frappe

Hi Rushabh.

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately it is not possible to regsiter as a user. There is a 500 error with the jquery file.

@vbastos this is fixed. Can you try again. Thanks for reporting!

I just tried now, but it did not work.

Also, the Github auth does not work. I get a python dump.

It seems to work for me…

@vbastos Can you share the dump?