[Release Note] ERPNext and Frappe Version 13.6.0

ERPNext Version 13.6.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Job Card Enhancements (#24523)
  • Implement multi-account selection in General Ledger(#26044)
  • Fetching of qty as per received qty from PR to PI (#26184)
  • Subcontract code refactor and enhancement (#25878)
  • Employee Grievance (#25705)
  • Add Inactive status to Employee (#26030)
  • Incorrect valuation rate report for serialized items (#25696)
  • Update cost updates operation time and hour rates in BOM (#25891)


  • Precision rate for packed items in internal transfers (#26046)
  • User is not able to change item tax template (#26176)
  • Insufficient permission for Dunning error (#26092)
  • Validate Product Bundle for existing transactions before deletion (#25978)
  • Auto unlink warehouse from item on delete (#26073)
  • Employee Inactive status implications (#26245)
  • Fetch batch items in stock reconciliation (#26230)
  • Disabled cancellation for sales order if linked to drafted sales invoice (#26125)
  • Sort website products by weightage mentioned in Item master (#26134)
  • Added freeze when trying to stop work order (#26192) (#26196)
  • Accounting Dimensions for payroll entry accrual Journal Entry (#26083)
  • Staffing plan vacancies data type issue (#25941)
  • Unable to enter score in Assessment Result details grid (#25945)
  • Report Subcontracted Raw Materials to be Transferred (#26011)
  • Label for enabling ledger posting of change amount (#26070)
  • Training event (#26071)
  • Rate not able to change in purchase order (#26122)
  • Error while fetching item taxes (#26220)
  • Check for duplicate payment terms in Payment Term Template (#26003)
  • Removed values out of sync validation from stock transactions (#26229)
  • Fetching employee in payroll entry (#26269)
  • Filter Cost Center and Project drop-down lists by Company (#26045)
  • Website item group logic for product listing in Item Group pages (#26170)
  • Chart not visible for First Response Time reports (#26032)
  • Incorrect billed qty in Sales Order analytics (#26095)
  • Material request and supplier quotation not linked if supplier quotation created from supplier portal (#26023)
  • Update leave allocation after submit (#26191)
  • Taxes on Internal Transfer payment entry (#26188)
  • Precision rate for packed items (bp #26046) (#26217)
  • Fixed rounding off ordered percent to 100 in condition (#26152)
  • Sanctioned loan amount limit check (#26108)
  • Purchase receipt gl entries with same item code (#26202)
  • Taxable value for invoices with additional discount (#25906)
  • Correct South Africa VAT Rate (Updated) (#25894)
  • Remove response_by and resolution_by if sla is removed (#25997)
  • POS loyalty card alignment (#26051)
  • Flaky test for Report Subcontracted Raw materials to be transferred (#26043)
  • Export invoices not visible in GSTR-1 report (#26143)
  • Account filter not working with accounting dimension filter (#26211)
  • Allow to select group warehouse while downloading materials from production plan (#26126)
  • Added freeze when trying to stop work order (#26192)
  • Time out while submit / cancel the stock transactions with more than 50 Items (#26081)
  • Address Card issues in e-commerce (#26187)
  • Error while booking deferred revenue (#26195)
  • Eliminate repeat creation of HSN codes (#25947)
  • Opening invoices can alter profit and loss of a closed year (#25951)
  • Payroll entry employee detail issue (#25968)
  • Auto tax calculations in Payment Entry (#26037)
  • Use pos invoice item name as unique identifier (#26198)
  • Billing address not fetched in Purchase Invoice (#26100)
  • Timeout while cancelling stock reconciliation (#26098)
  • Status indicator for delivery notes (#26062)
  • Unable to enter score in Assessment Result details grid (#26031)
  • Too many writes while renaming company abbreviation (#26203)
  • Chart not visible for First Response Time reports (#26185)
  • Job applicant link issue (#25934)
  • Fetch preferred shipping address (bp #26132) (#26201)

Frappe Version 13.6.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Feedback feature for Blog Post (backport #13491) (#13544)
  • URL option for Data fieldtype (backport #12898) (#13446)


  • Grid copy from excel with header, field label in user language (backport #13266) (#13507)
  • Fixed grid view for uneditable rows (backport #13489) (#13490)
  • Allow renaming Email Groups (backport #13496) (#13509)
  • Editor link popover & datepicker style (backport #13589) (#13592)
  • Do not append child table doctype in case of _aggregate_column (backport #13498) (#13501)
  • Remove deprecated field image_view from Customize Form (#13536)
  • Add frappe.rename_doc to Server Scripts (backport #13549) (#13550)
  • OTP login verification fails (#13614)
  • Grid delete all should trigger form change (backport #13483) (#13485)
  • Router issue (#13261)
  • Add checkbox css variables to common/css_variables (backport #13533) (#13541)
  • Avoid style leak from email or comment (backport #13520) (#13521)
  • Allow guest to comment on Web Page & Blog Post (backport #13466) (#13543)
  • Throttle set_open_count (backport #13510) (#13511)
  • Premature commit via notification’s send_an_email (backport #13607) (#13611)
  • Allow to remove filters from shortcut completely (backport #13486) (#13487)

after update to last version 13.6.0

when login it raise an error

‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘only_for’

Is this the fix that is supposed to stop the stock value checks that have been slowing down or even preveneting Sales Invoices from completing?

If so , thank you. If not, then is that even on your radar?


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That’s right, it has been removed

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We need overtime enhancement please

Overtime (#26052)


fixed by this pr which not yet included in this release, you can adapt your code manually to fix this bug or wait for the next release.

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Thanks bro it solved my issue

is it possible to include the payment schedule error on the next update? it was already solved last 2017 but not sure if the codes were not reflected on the v13. Below is the reference and screenshot from an

ERPNext: v13.6.0 (HEAD)
Erpnext Telegram Integration: v1.0.0 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.6.0 (HEAD)
PDF on Submit: v0.0.1 (HEAD).

Hi, can you please let me know the command to update the frappe framework? I have tried bench update but it only updates ERPnext and not the framework.

Go to apps folder then go to frappe folder then fire command git pull

I am getting this error - “fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories”