[Release Notes] ERPNext 10.1.78


This is our first release as per our new Tuesdays only release. As you would see, quite a few things were fixed in this release and a few features added too.

Frappe 10.1.70

  • Try 3 times if email fails to send via Email Queue
  • Fixes to Contact and Address.

Frappe v10 Release Changelog

ERPNext 10.1.78

  • You can now make a Sales Order of a different currency than a Quotation

ERPNext v10 Release Changelog

Frappe 11.0.3-beta.50

  • Clear User Permissions in Bulk via the list view
  • Prepared report threshold move to 60 seconds (we will move it back to 20)
  • Fixes to text editor for handling ordered lists

Frappe v11 (Beta) Changelog

ERPNext v11.0.3-beta.35

Turns out to be quite a major release with multiple fixes:

  • Ability to track “Asset Received but Not Billed” via Purchase Invoice
  • Serial Number fetch in POS filtered by Warehouse defined in POS Profile
  • Fixes to Bank Clearance Summary Reports
  • Rounding and precision fixes in Sales Invoice
  • Fixed Quality Inspection validation in Stock Entry
  • Raw material price fixes in BOM
  • Auto convert UOM from Material Request to Purchase Order if UOM is different
  • Multiple fixes to automatic Project updation via Email
  • Fixes to Daily Project Summary email notification
  • GSTIN validation for India
  • Sales Order → Work Order for pending items
  • Fetch variants in Stock Reconciliation

ERPNext v11 (Beta) Changelog

See you again next Tuesday!


very good idea to institutionalize this and use a standardized form ([Release Notes] prefix in the title & Category Release Notes). Keep that coming :+1:

@snv would it be a good idea to add the following info to the release Notes of the Beta/staging releases?

  • quantity last weeks beta release’s open github issues
  • quantity open github issues after current beta release

this would add some sort of sense about how the amount of roadblocks between Beta and the official release of v11 changes (without having to make promises on a certain release date, just some statistical information).