[Release Notes] ERPNext 12.3.0

ERPNext Version 12.3.0 has been released :tada:

  • Appointment Scheduling #19475

  • Auto state wise taxation for GST India #19469

  • Cost center for each expenses in expense claim and allowed deferred expense #19807

  • Trial Balance For Party Report with field Party Name #19789

  • Accounts Payable report based on payment terms #19672

  • Fixed asset register report with date filters #19799


  • Primary address not being fetched for the customer #19667

  • Multiple fixes for landed cost accounting #19657

  • Subcontract raw materials backflush based on stock entries #19268

  • Task validation error when adding tasks to projects #19936

  • Project was not being set in Items when Purchase Invoice, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Order were created from Projects Dashboards #19758

  • Code refactored for share transfer #19606

  • Stock entry issue #19735

  • Consider taxes in the grand total for payment entry #19631

  • UOM not fetching in purchase invoice #19732

  • Item quantity can not be zero in purchase receipt #19780

  • Multiple Asset fixes #19873 #19945

  • Refactored mark attendance from employee attendance tool #19627

  • Fixed query for finding lost quotations #19800

  • Optimization of Receivable report filtered based on sales person #19796

  • Sales invoice code optimization to improve performance #19598

  • Pricing rule with product discount not working #19946

  • Display serial no selection on adding items to cart #19957

  • Student form creation issue #19786

  • Subject issue in email campaign #19771



for my understanding

I was under the impression feature would only go into the develop branch and likewise future releases of ERPNext. Stable branches only received fixes.

Because I believe it may be beneficial to the entirety of the Community to understand the release process/policies I’d like to understand what the criteria is for features to be added to a stable release (like v12 in this example).

Can someone with insight in the process kindly clarify on this?


@vrms Except for Appointment Scheduling, others are small features that are needed for some business. We are sending the PR related to new features on to the develop branch only but there are some edge cases for which we need to send the PR on the stable version.

Regarding Appointment Scheduling, it’s a completely new feature and there will be no impact on existing stable features.

can you specify the criteria for those “edge cases for which [you] need to send the PR on the stable version.” ?


Hello @rohit_w,
We are getting

pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘gst_category’ in ‘field list’”)

Error in Sales invoice.
Could you please help me.
Thank you

Great News
congratulations Team.

It gets more chaotic with every release isn’t it?
No idea where the product is heading thus have no idea where to contribute.
Lots of things happening without any proper knowledge about the problem domain and a proper state of design approach.

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