[Release Notes] ERPNext and Frappe Version 13.10.0

ERPNext Version 13.10.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • POS invoice coupon code feature (#27004)

  • Add Primary Address and Contact section in Supplier (#27197)

  • Capacity for Service Unit, concurrent appointments based on Capacity, Patient enhancements (#24860)

  • Increase number of supported currency exchanges (#26763)

  • South Africa VAT Audit Report (#27017)

  • Training Event Status Update and Validations (#26698)

  • Allow draft POS Invoices even if no stock available (#27106)

  • Column for total amount due in Accounts Receivable/Payable Summary (#27069)

  • Provision to create customer from opportunity (#27141)

  • Employee reminders (#25735)

  • Fetching details from supplier/customer groups (#26131)

  • Unreconcile on cancellation of bank transaction (#27109)


  • Healthcare Redesign Changes (#27100)

  • Eway bill version changed to 1.0.0421 (#27044)

  • Org Chart fixes (#26952)

  • TDS calculation on net total (#27058)

  • Dimension filter query fix to avoid including disabled dimensions (#26988)

  • Various minor perf fixes for ledger postings (#26775)

  • Healthcare Service Unit fixes (#27273)

  • Selected batch no changed on changing of qty (#27126)

  • Changed label to “Inpatient Visit Charge” in appointment type (#26906)

  • Stock Analytics Report must consider warehouse during calculation (#26908)

  • Reduce Sales Invoice row size (#27136)

  • Allow backdated discharge for inpatient (#25124)

  • Sequence of sub-operations in job card (#27138)

  • Social media post fixes (#24664)

  • Consolidated balance sheet showing incorrect values (#26975)

  • Correct company address not getting copied from Purchase Order to Invoice (#27217)

  • Add child item groups into the filters (#26997)

  • Pass planned start date to in work order from production plan (#27031)

  • Filtering of items in Sales and Purchase Orders (#26936)

  • Sales order qty update fails in “Update Items” button (#26992)

  • Refactor stock module onboarding (#25745)

  • Calculation of gross profit percentage in Gross Profit Report (#27045)

  • Correct price list rate field value in return Sales Invoice (#27105)

  • Return Qty in PR/DN for legacy data (#27003)

  • Sales pipeline graph issue (#26626)

  • Additional salary processing (#27005)

  • Dimension filter query fix to avoid including disabled dimensions (#27006)

  • Incorrect Gl Entry on period closing involving finance books (#27104)

  • Set production plan to completed even on over production (#27032)

  • Budget variance missing values (#26963)

  • No able to create asset depreciation entry when cost_center is mandatory (#26912)

  • Keep stock entry title & purpose in sync (#27043)

  • Add mandatory depends on condition for export type field (#26957)

  • Fixed patched which were breaking while migrating (#27205)

  • ZeroDivisionError on creating e-invoice for credit note (#26919)

  • Stock analytics report date range issues and add company filter (#27014)

  • Stock Ledger report not working if include uom selected in filter (#27127)

  • Show proper currency symbol in Taxes and Charges table (#26935)

  • Operation time auto set to zero (#27190)

  • Set account for change amount even if pos profile not found (#26986)

  • Discard empty rows from update items (#27021)

Frappe Version 13.10.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Frappe Query Builder (#13705)

  • Improve LDAP implementation to be standards compliant (#13777)

  • Allow duration fields in aggregate function fields (#13395)

  • Promisify frappe.require (#13925)


  • Call is_rtl function to get the actual value (#13899)

  • Use IP Address instead of Email field (#13553)

  • Only select active numeric field after layout refresh (#13987)

  • Refactor set amended docname to original docname (#13910)

  • Menu items reappear before inner page buttons disappear (#13850)

  • Multiple issues with Email Inbox (#13822)

  • Broken template in password reset (#13958)

  • Passed failfast flag to unit test runner in all scenarios (#14033)

  • Format string for formating date (#13878)

  • Connected app auto_refresh credentials and mandatory fields (#13192)


is there a way to solve the pop up message of the missing exchange rate? We have experience this message after upgrading to this version, and this is also available on the current version 11.

We are using the frappe cloud and not sure if we have missed something to enable so that the switch from frankfurter.app to exchangerate.host will work?

I hope someone can help us with this. Thank you.

Unsure why you are facing this issue. I tried fetching the rates manually and faced no issues. Will try from an FC instance of ERPNext and report back.

here is another one but a screenshot from an error log:

Is it possible that it is an update error on our side?