[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.10.0 and Frappe v12.7.0

Here is the release note of the latest release of ERPNext and Frappe (version 12) as per the monthly release cycle.

ERPNext v12.10.0


  • Create Shipping Address and Contact in ERPNext from the woocommerece platform (#21654)
  • Dashboard in Course and Assessment Plan (#21889)
  • Added conversion factor for pound, gram to Ounce (#21710)
  • Allowed renaming for Sales Stage (#21800)
  • Add filter for cost center in expense table (#22209)
  • Project filter in Trial Balance Report (#21815)
  • Added column Expired Leave in Leave Application dashboard (#21859)
  • Auto set serial nos and batches only if allowed in Stock Settings (#21779)
  • Filter batches based on selected item and warehouse in Pick List (#21778)
  • Errored documents handling while migrating data from Tally (#22079)


  • Routing operations table is blank on pull of operations in BOM (#22040)
  • Cannot make payment entry against shareholder (#21597)
  • Do not add filters in report on accounting dimension creation if it already exists (#21941)
  • Post Dated unallocated amount not considered in Advance Amount in AR/AP summary (#21838)
  • Check for Company before rendering tree in Account Tree (#22204)
  • Loyalty point entry use wrong tier (#22168)
  • Added Inactive serial no status (#21849)
  • Routing operations not added sequentially in the BOM (#22110)
  • TDS computation summary report (#21987)
  • Validate Payment Gateway only if it exists in Payment Request. (#21806)
  • Finished Product Valuation at Repack (#22148)
  • Wrong Ordered-Status Indicator for Material Request Items (#22117)
  • In-state Invoice not appearing in GSTR-1 report (India) (#21787)
  • Tax amount in GSTR-1 JSON (India) (#21791)
  • Fetch depreciation amount only if depreciation entry is made (#21894)
  • Throw error if no serial numbers are found in Pick List (#21914)
  • Shopify error message on failure of sales order creation (#21924)
  • Don’t prompt for Quality Inspection on Return Documents. (#22200)
  • Item tax template not getting mapped from source to target doc (#21863)
  • Create purchase invoice from purchase receipt dashboard (#22087)
  • Procurement Tracker Data Consistency (#22062)
  • Cannot assign same task to other asset maintenance (#22024)
  • Incorrect VAT rate display in Sales Invoice (UAE) (#21883)
  • Missing income account when getting free product (#22158)
  • Item tax template not applied if valid from is blank (#21819)
  • Tax ID is not fetched when creating Sales Order from Quotation (#21786)
  • Disposed asset creates inconsistencies in asset depreciation report (#22021)
  • Submitted sales order can be updated with proper permission (#22218)
  • Import supplier invoice not working (#22108)
  • Showing Wrong balance on allocation boundary dates (#21908)
  • Fetch customer into Delivery Note from Pick List (#21825)
  • Apply shipping rule without address (#22093)
  • Prioritize Default Customer Price List in Portal (#22183)
  • Supplier Invoice No not fetched in Import Supplier Invoice (#21829)
  • Item Price and Add to Cart not showing on Website (#21905)
  • Make transaction date of the oldest transaction as the last integration date (#22017)
  • Misleading Error message for Item Attribute (#22068)

Frappe v12.7.0

Bug Fixes

  • Show correct currency symbol in printed reports (#10692)
  • Fixed order of columns in custom reports created from query reports (#10435)
  • Correctly export reports in excel format (#10599, #10397)
  • Fixed dropbox timeout issue while backing up large files (#10515)
  • Fixed api for user oauth validations (#9676)
  • Fixed date parsing issue (#10618)
  • Ensure that cancelled documents that are already amended cannot be amended again (#10641)


  • Refactored Data Import Beta (#10661)
  • List View UX enhancement (#10676)

Did not see the new PoS


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I think POS enhancements are being merged in V13

Yes, this is release note for version 12. New POS will be part of version 13.


Do you have a Release Note page or document that shows the different version of ERPNext & Frappe and all the Linux packages & version that it use ???
also how to install a specific version of ERPNext & Frappe ???

Please and Thanks.