[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.11.0 and Frappe Version v12.9.0

Frappe Version 12.9.0 Release Notes


  • Added Congolese franc currency (#11232)
  • Added option to refresh all charts in the dashboard (#11017)
  • JSON files can be rendered now (#10698)
  • Introduced new decorator to validate and sanitize search inputs (#11298)
  • Introduced API to fetch backups (#11102)

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed assignment counts in listview sidebar (#10714)
  • Data Import fixes (#11227), (#11004), (#10951), (#10963)
  • Fixed wrong backup filename issue (#11056), (#11093)
  • Fixed recent backup selection issue (#11146), (#11280)
  • Theme file will now be created in public folder (#10900)
  • Fixed total row in Reports (#11138)
  • Fixed meta tag rendering (#11154)
  • Fields with no_copy will be ignore for Auto Repeat document creation (#10919)
  • Fixed incorrect currency precision (#10795)
  • Fixed page primary action reset (#11013)
  • Fixed query report loading issue in certain cases (#10703)
  • Fixed the issue where dashboard chart was skipping the start date in chart result (#10818)
  • Fixes to make PDFs look consistent with print view (#11016)
  • Avoid always using default email account for outgoing emails (#11164)
  • Fixed datetime conversion to show user’s timezone (#10810)

ERPNext v12.11.0 Release Note

  • Enabled translation on html files in LMS [Proposal] (#21582)
  • Multi UOM support in Request for Quotation (#22250)
  • Exploded Item Rate (#22816)
  • asset maintenance fixes (#21277)
  • Error due to comma in Pricing rule name (#22927)
  • Set default reference Id for “On Previous Row Amount” and “On Previous Row Total” (#22387)
  • fix(Education): course wise assessment report labels (#22805)
  • ewaybill json had json dump of json dump, and other related fixes (#22656)
  • Unable to change link from new lead to existing customer (#22795)
  • Incorrect delivered qty in Supplier-Wise Sales Analytics (#22642)
  • Dont merge items if both exist in stock reco (#22784)
  • Status error in purchase invoice (#22389)
  • Whitelist all query functions for search widget (#22606)
  • SQL query in accounts receivable, payable reports (#22891)
  • In POS serial no popup coming two times (#22268)
  • Cannot cancel assets with repair pending (bp #22440) (#22453)
  • Take parent cost center for child if no cost center at child (#22496)
  • Handle nonetype issue for packed items (#22493)
  • Cannot cancel assets with repair pending (#22440)
  • Show or hide section or attributes depending on other attributes… (#22933)
  • Insert Supplier Group via List View (bp #22403) (#22407)
  • Skip Progress and Completed by fields on Task Duplication (#22640)
  • Incorrect variable used while adding new item in the submitted Sales Order (#22308)
  • Incorrect stock value in return case (#22528)
  • staffing Plan validation (#22379)
  • Cancellation of accounting transactions within closed accounting period (#22986)
  • Not able to submit sales invoice (#22699)
  • Offline pos not working for special character item (#22391)
  • Due to decimal issue make purchase receipt button not showing in Purchase Order (#22643)
  • Stock Reconciliation Invalid Quantity for Batched Item (#22716)
  • Quality procedure fixes (#22287)
  • Set label if domains is set (#22523)
  • Update item tax only if item code available (#22575)
  • Inclusive tax based on item quantity (#23015)
  • Quotation lost reason options fix (#23016)
  • GSTR 1 report for exports without payment of Tax (#22968)
  • Period list fixes in financial statements (#22679)
  • Don’t set asset maintenance log status as Overdue when Completed or Cancelled (#23012)
  • Update state code and union territory for Daman and Diu (#22989)
  • Set Root as Parent if no parent in new tree view node (#22507)
  • Serial no / batch no Popup is coming for the non serialized items (#22362)
  • update shopify api version (#22284)
  • Unable to create batched item (#22332)
  • Incorrect balance qty in stock ledger report (#22649)
  • Setup status indicators for Job Offer and Job Applicant (v12) (#22444)
  • Set half day date None if half day is unchecked (#22905)
  • Completed qty not updated in work order (#22372)
  • Handling Empty tables in Production Plan (#22469)
  • Fetch project-related info in Timesheet (v12) (#22422)
  • Pricing Rule breaks if no item_code (#22653)
  • Made “Subscription Section”, “Auto Repeat” and Hub Publishing" c… (#22535)
  • Update Packed Items via Update Items in SO (#22404)
  • Do not add tax amount in grand total for reverse charge invoices (#22686)
  • Other charges on income tax in salary slip (#22798)
  • Serial No Rename does not affect Stock Ledger Entry (#22780)
  • Quotation list view blank if quotation_to field not set as a standard filter (#22659)
  • cannot change customer fields if credit exhausted (#22838)
  • Project link not set in accounts other than profit and loss accounts (#22049)
  • Bank Clearance of POS purchase invoice (#22884)
  • Multiple GST fixes (#22730)
  • Add default cost center in payment reconciliation JV (#22930)
  • Do not copy Item Tax template from SO to PO (#22324)
  • Tax amounts in HSN Wise Outward summary (#22755)
  • Multi currency payment reconciliation (#22928)

Thanks to the frappe team for all the hard work.

Is it possible to upgrade from ERPNext v12.11.0 to ERPNext 13.0.0-beta.4

I just tried it and I have many weird failures I did not have two days ago.

It should be possible. What is the error you are getting? And how are you updating?

V12 to develop (not v13) migration is failing for few days.

Latest job where patch fails Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

Issue Patch error: Executing execute:frappe.reload_doc("Payroll", "doctype", "salary_slip") in test.localhost (_fcadc07dbdbc21db) · Issue #23118 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Great work guys. It is not an easy task to monitor these issues as they are being raised, but you try your best and fix as many as quickly as possible. Well done.

Thank you!

with v12.9, then run the upgrade to v13.

I have had no success trying to install v13 directly.

Pushed a fix Reload module def · frappe/frappe@1637c78 · GitHub

Please let me know if it fixes the problem

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Everything works as expected.