[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.13.0 and Frappe v12.11.0

Here is the release note of the latest release of ERPNext and Frappe (version 12) as per the monthly release cycle.

Frappe Version 12.11.0

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Ability to rename and merge tags (#11503)
  • Check for get_data function in get_modal_data (#11516)
  • Include tab in special characters to match to encode url (#11531)
  • frappe.utils.formatdate not working in the jinja (#11571)
  • Check indicator value only if indicator exists (#11529)
  • Refresh data on individual chart refresh (#11511)
  • S3 success email sent even when checkbox not selected (#11606)
  • Newsletter email validation (#11431)
  • Always add name & docstatus field to avoid permission error in report (#11644)
  • Report name is mandatory while saving report (#11573)
  • Validate whether file type is CSV in Grid Upload (#11548)


  • Allow sending emails via Server Script (#11493)
  • Generate and attach assets to releases (#11517)
  • Take file backup before uploading to Google Drive (#11601)

ERPNext v12.13.0

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Warehouse address filtered based on warehouse (#23381)
  • COGS validation in the purchase receipt (#23536)
  • Item Tax Updating via Update Items in SO/PO (#23338)
  • Pricing rule selector is wrong (#22328)
  • Adding filters validation Batch-Wise Balance History (#23396)
  • Add company and correct filter in bank statement reconciliation report filters (#23618)
  • Incorrect consumed qty if raw material with batch (#23389)
  • Balance serial nos in stock ledger report (#23520)
  • Use Plaid’s new API (v12) (#23317)
  • Cost Center filter in accounts receivable and payable report (#23356)
  • Incorrect operation time calculation for batch size (#23480)
  • Serial no field is blank in stock reconciliation (#23648)
  • Manually set serial nos override with current available serial nos (#23657)
  • Can’t save item price after adding child table (#23594)
  • Naming series - cannot reset current value to zero (#23505)
  • TDS calculation, skip invoices with “Apply Tax Withholding Amount” has disabled (#23463)
  • Taxes not getting fetched from Opportunity to Quotation (#23354)
  • Stock reconciliation, incorrect serial nos fetched in the current serial no field (#23366)
  • Cannot create asset if cwip disabled and account not set (#23584)
  • Leave application status fix (#23411)
  • Not able to do overproduction (#23600)
  • Incorrect supplied qty error (#23619)
  • Download Required Materials not working for production plan (#23403)
  • Make account number length configurable (#23496)
  • Include item_code in items result to allow adding product info in custom templates (#23440)
  • Mode of payment getting overwritten by default mode of payment for returns (#23599)
  • Show total row in print format of financial statement (#23565)
  • Performance issue while adding template item in the cart (#23508)
  • Display item name instead of item code in offline POS (#23451)
  • Set stock UOM in item while creating material request from stock entry (#23430)
  • Book loss amount in the COGS instead of stock received but not billed (#23412)
  • Depreciation start date ux fixes (#23340)
  • Payment Schedule not fetching (#23477)
  • Taxable value in GSTR 3B report (#23552)
  • Negative stock error while submitting stock reco for batch item (#23564)
  • Check only Read and Write Permission in Update Items (#23458)
  • Handle Blank from/to range in Numeric Item Attribute (#23484)
  • Added new filters in the Batch-wise balance history report (#23522)
  • Added filter show in website for filtering product (#23638)
  • Enabled no copy property for Supplier Invoice Date to avoid due date validation (#23367)
  • Showing a negative balance in expired leaves (#23426)
  • Validate if removed item attributes exist in variants (#23591)
  • Longer timeout for company replace abbreviation (#23442)
  • Online pos print not working (#23377)
  • Last purchase rate in item prices report (#23507)
  • Do not consider opening entries for TDS calculation (#23598)
  • Project value is missing from procurement-tracker (#23551)

this implies there is a release policy in place. Is it publicly visible anywhere? I’d love to understand this better.

I think that this is the reference: ERPNext Release Cycle

Great, tx. Haven’t seen that post and love it.


There is an error after this update that pops-up on all doctypes

AttributeError: module 'frappe.email.doctype.email_account.email_account' has no attribute 'get_automatic_email_link'

There is some solution mentioned on the forum but it involves adding code to core doctype, which I think is not a good idea

Can you please suggest a fix or push a patch in the latest release?