ERPNext Release Cycle

You might have noticed, we have changed the release cycle of ERPNext and Frappe recently. Now, instead of a weekly release cycle, we have opted for a monthly release cycle. Critical and security fixes though will be released on demand.

The main reason for the change was to deliver a stable release by doing proper testing before every release. Also, we realized that slow-release-cycle will give developers enough time to implement better/robust solutions for fixes/features.

Now, ERPNext has reached a stage where we can’t afford new bugs introduced during new releases. We have also decided to improve the quality of existing features instead of adding new features in the coming months.

We are following the below schedules for current releases.

Version-11: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Version-12: 3rd Thursday of every month
Version 10: 4th Monday of every month

The pre-release branch will be made 5 days before the release date for each version and testing will be done on that pre-release branch. Any fixes based on testing should go into both pre-release and develop branches via separate pull requests.

Note: develop branch is now pinned for version-13. All the new features should go in develop branch, which will be released with version-13. The approximate date of version-13 release is the 1st week of April.


Love it. I agree that hardening the software is more important than new features. Performance and UX should also be part of the focus in my opinion.


Yes, indeed. UX is the first priority.



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UX upgrades coming our way!!! Great news! is there a platform where we can contribute or see what is coming up?


This indeed a exciting news for a few while mind-boggling for maximum developers (for sure). I completely agree, this is part of SDLC and path to enhancements & progress. I am with Frappe & ERPNext since v8. And, I always thought why every another release gifting us pain with migrating/installing & so on, while it should be smoother after every release.

At last, that release cycle got corrected now with v12. It took four major releases. Instead of v13 announcement, we’ll be happy with v12.4, v12.5 & no matter it reaches v12.9.X. This atleast will be LTS version among all, you and we both can provide longer support to v12. You know, many of ERPNext users are still on v10, till v11 got stable & v12 was in develop they were in v4!! They can’t afford migration (although, no option left to them) very rapidly, might they’re approaching to migrate on v12, and this news might put that step back. As you said:

ERPNext has reached a stage where we can’t afford new bugs

But, practically v13 will also contain bugs. They all will wait to get stabilize and meanwhile, you’ll come up another announcement, v14 is going to happen very soon. It’ll put constant pressure on both of us, users as well as developers. I would recommend, ditch April ( I’m very sure we have to ask in June, let’s say July, how much it takes to release v13? ) and schedule it around October - November atleast, so that v12 can attain that expected maturity, after that you may pause new features with v12 branch.

Also, re-think about frappe bench, to all fixes/improvements are merging with master and this breaking installation every after 2-3 days, like installation worked perfectly fine yesterday and today it producing XYZ error.


Improving the quality of existing features should be in top priority. I am novice to ERPNext, found some interesting features during my evaluation, but unfortunately many of them not working. Example is, multiple values in filter in List view not working, Dynamic filter for Query report does not work etc. These are all basic and essential features. I am not sure whether I am doing something wrong, but desperate in getting some help.


Open github issues. Thanks

Yes that is the question

While this is THE place to learn, imho best to first take the time to search, read and inform yourself - then share what ‘ahah got it’ pointers you find, that will benefit you and the community as a whole…

i second this… Is there a way for us to contribute regarding the ux part?..

I totally agree on this one, as a user I would say some features are not quite working as expected. (some reports and bank reconciliation, etc…)
As a developer, I also suggest that the updating the documentation of certain features are also very helpful for people like me who wants to contribute and gain deep understanding of ERPNext.

I found Developer Cheatsheet · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub need some updates and more details on testing. Aslo it will be great to have some step-through tutorials on how to understanding each module (regarding to design parterns or correct work flow) in erpnext so that new developers can dive into.

Maybe it’s just me, but almost 90% time I have to write my own modification in customized app instead of taking advantage of the build-in tool that frappe and erpnext offer.

Thank you for the announcement and all the efforts during the development, I wish I can learn more to join the contribution towards ERPNext.


Hey Nabin,
I would interested and understanding why think that is the case:

It is interesting to see that alot of people “complain” about feature quality. What is Frappe/ERP’s approach on answering to feedback like this? We often times face similar we find feature, that somehow work but don’t seem to be finalized. Instead of receiving a more advanced version in a later release, often times we just get more and more new features, that are also “not ready”.

Usually in these type of dicuss threads, I don’t see frappe/erp employees answers or addressing concerns like this.

What are your thoughts on this?


Most of the features have been designed with certain use cases in mind and may not work for other use cases. When these get reported by frappe customers we fix them for everyone.

As far as the forum is concerned, there is unfortunately no bandwidth to answer unless we hire more people (working on it). I think there is now a growing number of contributors on GitHub who are helping fix these things.


Thank you for your thoughts and I totally understand. I am happy that you concisely answered and didn’t feel offended (which was not my intention). I am looking forward to how the ecosystem evolves and I just keep hoping that together as a community we will make ERPNext an outstanding product with well-designed features, that radiate quality.
I have heard you even hired the first UX-Designers? Sounds like a good next step.

I’m waiting for today release :slight_smile:


Any update on the version 13 release date? At least, we would like to see the raw roadmap for this version.

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At the moment, there are many V13 available for you to play with. They are all on github just check the different branches and pick the one you’d like :wink:

you may have to use:

> bench --site <yoursite> switch-to-branch <version13-youwant> frappe erpnext

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I mean a stable version like a “real” beta version. Right now each ERPNext beta version come with new major change (include breaking changes) so each version intro different bugs. Because there are many versions so no version is most stable for end-users when we stop adding big refact or breaking changes.

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