[Release Notes] ERPNext v12.6.0 and Frappe v12.4.0

ERPNext Version 12.6.0


  • Deduction based on earnings/gross pay #20935
  • If accounting dimension is tree-structured document and in report, filter is set based on group node, get result based on all children #20860
  • Item alternative must have similar properties as original item #20796
  • Show multiple manufacturers and part numbers in BOM Sock Calculated report #19431


  • Payment Reconciliation: search for customer’s return invoices then filter out gl entries #20710
  • Optimization of GL entry posting #20676
  • Processing of serial numbers in Material Transfer #20722


  • Rate and amount in material request should not be copying from sales order #20718
  • Update items after submission only if rate or qty changed #20743
  • Odometer value was not syncing properly #20451
  • Earn leave were not getting created when the max leaves allowed were set to 0 or less #20535
  • Additional salary should not be created for inactive employee #20686
  • Account dashboard was not working #20715
  • Ignore mandatory fields while creating Material Request based on reorder level #20720
  • Ignore permission when deleting linked emails in process of deletion of all company transactions #20753
  • Total amount was not displaying in Journal Entry #20794
  • HSN Code was not visible in GST itemised sales register #20821
  • Validate Serial No/Batch No against unserialized item in Stock Reconciliation #20858
  • Customer group filter resets on syncing invoices in offline POS #20873
  • Purchase return were allowed even when assets are not cancelled #20798
  • Reserved qty for production calculation if material transfer is skipped #20900
  • Lock stock ledger entries that are being reposted to control concurrency #20739

Frappe Version 12.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “duplicate entry error” while renaming (#9642)
  • Fixed issues with workflow action emails (#9663)
  • Fixed permission validation for child table fields (#9630)
  • Fixed calculation of week ending date in Dashboard Charts (#9710)

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Read-only fieldtypes can be used for standard filters (#9519)
  • Fixed bulk Workflow Action error handling (#9442), (#9531)
  • Fixed and enhanced Data Import Beta (#9524)
  • Fixed Quick Entry UX issue (#9628)
  • Made improvements in Setup Wizard performance (#9511)


  • Introduced frequent job scheduling (#9647)
  • Introduced Frappe monitor (#9648)
  • Child table fields can now be aggregated in report view (#9650)