[Release Notes] Frappe & ERPNext Version 13.0.0 Beta.1 Released!

Hello Community,

Pleased to announce that the first beta of Frappe & ERPNext Version 13 has been released :tada:

Frappe v13.0.0 Beta.1 Release Notes

Major Features

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Save Dashboard Chart config per user (#9830)
  • Dashboard permissions (#9789)
  • Create Dashboard Charts from Reports (#9518)

Other Features

  • Web Page tracking (#9959)
  • Ability to cancel all linked document with a single click (#8905)
  • Custom JS & CSS support in Web Form (#9121) (#9610)
  • System Setting to remove seconds from datetime field (#8531)
  • Added empty list graphics for list view (#8863)
  • Validation for Data options and Data values (#9784)
  • Introduced tnum font feature for reports (#9430)
  • Allow list structure to be changed for the web view (#9431)
  • Offsite backup (#8241)
  • Mandatory Depends On & Read Only Depends On for Document Fields (#8820)
  • Added Google API Indexing (#9411)

ERPNext v13.0.0 Beta.1 Release Notes






New Reports

Other Changes

Please try out these beta releases and let us know your thoughts. Also, please report bugs if any on GitHub issues.


How do you install the beta release to test?

I’d say make an installation with the develop branch

or go to beta.erpnext.com (seems not to exist any longer)

Yes i tried installing develop but i got v12 instead of v13. requested for help on how to install v13 but no one responded so i gave up.

seems there is a version-13-beta branch. So you’d use that branch I guess.

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I figured as much. But for non-developers like me who would want to test to give the everyday user perspectives, there’s really no guide on how to install develop branch. Me thinks that’s why there’s a lot of issues whenever there’s a new version or update release as not all use cases are considered.

Releasing V13 in beta helps in this regard but it should come with install instructions so non-developers can also test and offer divergent user experience perspectives. It will ensure a more stable final release.

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there was a comment by @michelle a while ago that multi-currency expense claim was going to be part of version-13. It isn’t mentioned here, so I was wondering whether that still in the works and will actually go into version-13 or whether that effort was cancelled?

I think all tutorials for installation tackle the issue of choosing a certain branch.
That does not help with the problem of installation being not an easy task and often failing since quite a while though. maintaining the beta.erpnext.com instance would be a nice thing to have.

you can also create an instance of V13 on the the https://frappe.cloud platform. That would come with costs though (even though they offer some sort of credits for new account owners I believe.

If docker and docker-compose is installed, use tag v13-beta.

git clone https://github.com/frappe/frappe_docker.git

cd frappe_docker

cp env-example .env

sed -i -e "s/edge/v13-beta/g" .env

docker-compose --project-name frappebench00 -f installation/docker-compose-common.yml -f installation/docker-compose-erpnext.yml -f installation/erpnext-publish.yml up -d

sleep 15

docker run -it -e "SITE_NAME=v13beta.localhost" -e "INSTALL_APPS=erpnext" -v frappebench00_sites-vol:/home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites --network frappebench00_default frappe/erpnext-worker:v13-beta new

open in browser http://v13beta.localhost
username: Administrator
password: admin

bench switch-to-branch version-13-beta frappe erpnext --upgrade
bench update --patch

I‘ll try that for sure


During login, after switching branch to version-13-beta

Is there a way to contribute to the release notes? I am missing some new features.

Same Issue with me Invalid version string: ‘13.0.0.beta.1’

If you close the error, and refresh the browser, you can access the system. Short term solution.

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@glz, @Akram_Mutaher The issue has been fixed with

Please pull the latest commit for both Frappe and ERPNext using git pull cmd.

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Facing this error:

PS C:\Users\user\frappe_docker> docker-compose
–project-name frappebench00
-f installation/docker-compose-common.yml
-f installation/docker-compose-erpnext.yml
-f installation/erpnext-publish.yml
up -d
At line:2 char:7

  • --project-name frappebench00 \
  •   ~

Missing expression after unary operator ‘–’.
At line:2 char:7

  • --project-name frappebench00 \
  •   ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unexpected token ‘project-name’ in expression or statement.
+ CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:slight_smile: [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingExpressionAfterOperator

This is a script that runs daily


Doesn’t seem to fail here Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

Check the syntax, command?

Looking at C:\Users\user\frappe_docker>. You’re on windows.

You copy pasted bash script into windows terminal

I don’t have windows machine to copy paste same thing into windows terminal and debug this for you.

If I get access to window machine, I’ll try to solve this.

Edit: I made the commands copy paste friendly. If it doesn’t work on windows try replacing forwardslash (/) with backslash (\) for directory separator. Check how it is in C:\Users\....