[Release Notes] Frappe Framework 12.1.0

Hello Community,

Frappe Framework Version 12.1.0 has been released :tada:

Change Log


  • Actions in msgprint #8835
  • Introduced new client-side Razorpay checkout #8808


  • Tags in the sidebar get updated on changing list filters
  • New “View Web Page“ button in Website Route Meta master
  • Currency control changes have been reverted. It should work as before #9003
  • On deleting Prepared Report, related gzip files should be deleted
  • New “Show Report” button in Prepared Report
  • Enabled case insensitive search for Postgres
  • Added ability to rename Website Route Meta
  • Fixed Global Search #8989
  • Fixes in Auto-Repeat. Next scheduled date should be on or after the current date #8924
  • Keycloak credentials support for social login
  • RestAPI should not raise TypeError while creating/updating records #8943
  • Fixed XML files download #8979
  • Fixes in Charts of query report #8950
  • Default role will get assigned to the user who has signed up through SSO #8995
  • reset_password_key will be invalidated on password reset #8983
  • Multiple doctypes like a warehouse etc. can be linked to a company address so those links should not be removed
  • Fixes in new Data Import #8851
  • On attaching a private file to the email, a new copy of the file should be created as an attachment and it should be private as well #9032
  • In report view field with allow_on_submit should editable even if the document is submitted #9043
  • Standard filters should not be validated. for example, email in the standard filter should not raise invalid email error #9048


  • Fixed address list permission issue #8853
  • Fixed Webform validation #8890