[Release Notes] Frappe v12.12.0 and ERPNext v12.14.0

Frappe v12.12.0 Release Notes

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed form dashboard permission (#11901)
  • Email fixes (#11754) (#11946) (#11557) (#11941)
  • Allowed “Default Print Language” for Custom Print Formats (#11798)
  • Fixed an issue where adding attachments used to check all other attachments while sending email (#11768)
  • Fixed maximum attachment limit validation (#11733)
  • Report fixes (#11944)
  • Handled the case where document name has white spaces in it (#11819)
  • Fixed auto-deletion of Prepared Reports (#11955)
  • Data Import fix (#11859)
  • Fixed total row in report builder view (#11821)


  • Option to override calendar settings for Gantt View (#11807)
  • Introduced SSL option for outgoing emails (#11811)

ERPNext v12.14.0 Release Notes

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Incorrect backflush qty in manufacture entry (#23878)
  • Fuel expense amount of vehicle log (#23634)
  • Extra material received against send to warehouse entry (#23645)
  • Show accounts in financial statements upto level 20 (#23719)
  • Remove Production Order reference from Item Validation (#23733)
  • Place of Supply fix in Sales Invoices (#23786)
  • Filter Leave Type based on allocation for a particular employee (#22050)
  • Incorrect assign to in Maintenance Schedule (#23830)
  • Manually set serial nos override with current available serial nos (#23651)
  • SO to PO flow improvement (#23357)
  • Payment Terms not fetched in Purchase Invoice from Purchase Receipt (#23866)
  • Re-linking bank accounts with plaid (#23913)
  • Incorrect outstanding amount for multicurrency with Reverse Charge (#23863)
  • Overproduction, not allowed to transfer extra materials (#23647)
  • Consider rounded_total in returns (#23631)
  • Default cost center in item master not set in stock entry (#23816)
  • Asset finance book posting date fix (#23780)
  • Added column cost_center to receivable reports (#23837)
  • Override field_map for job card gantt (#23740)
  • Added filter show in website for filtering product (#23637)
  • Serial no field is blank in stock reconciliation (#23646)
  • Copying po no when mapping doc (#23730)
  • Show form buttons only if permissions exist (#23889)
  • Cannot auto unlink payments for credit/debit notes (#23690)
  • None type error if the Pricing Rule applicable_for is None (#23664)
  • Don’t copy terms, discount and required by from SO to PO (#23904)
  • Add Taxes if missing via Update Items (#23705)
  • Don’t overrule Item Price via Pricing Rule Rate if 0 (#23915)
  • Show only available items in point of sale (#23667)
  • Auto State-wise gst tax template (#23859)
  • Stock ageing report not working (#23924)
  • Validate duplicate packing item in Product Bundle (#23898)

Hi Nabin,

Looks like below PR mentioned in release notes is not merged to version-12 yet. Its still in version-12-hotifx and v12-pre-release only.

  • Add Taxes if missing via Update Items (#23705)


Is it expected to merged into version-12 anytime soon?


It is already part of version-12

Ok, I misunderstood that it would related to ‘Update Items’ popup box.


Attachment Limit still exists
ERPNext: v12.16.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.13.0 (version-12)

how to overcome this?

Attachment Limit is configurable via Customize Form