[Release Notes] Frappe v13 Beta.6 & ERPNext v13 Beta.5 🎉

Hello Community,

Here are the release notes for the latest beta versions of Frappe and ERPNext.

Frappe Version 13.0.0 Beta 6 Release Notes

Fixes and Enhancements


  • Added ability to override doctype classes from hooks (#11527)
  • Introduced Razorpay client (#11418)
  • Introduced option to configurable navbar logo and dropdowns (#11213)
  • Added Paytm integration (#9955)
  • Introduced Log Settings (#11699)
  • Added option to set custom due_date for assignments in Assignment Rule (#11669)
  • Added option to anonymize IP for Google Analytics (#11594)
  • Introduced System Settings to automatically delete old Prepared Reports (#9751)
  • Added option in assignment rule to assign based on a field value (#11619)
  • Rule based naming of documents (#11439)
  • Added WhatsApp/SMS channels for Notification (#9623)
  • Added option to resize images in text editor (#10820)
  • Now usage of get_print, attach_print and send_mail is allowed in Server Scripts (#11260) (#11162)
  • Introduced option to disable custom script (#11342)
  • Option to show child table row index number in report builder (#11246)


  • Used get_list with limit instead of count for faster form load (#11701)


  • Removed ignore_permissions flag from API request to avoid unauthorized data access (#11452)
  • Added noreferrer policy to footer links to avoid token key abuse (#11747)
  • Restricted cookies to the host domain (#11469) (#11231)

ERPNext Version 13.0.0 Beta 5 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • Add company and correct filter in bank reconciliation statement (#23614)
  • Process Statement Of Accounts (#22901)
  • Added Condition field in Pricing Rule (#23014)
  • Material Request and Stock Entry Enhancement (#22671)
  • Added sequence id in routing for the completion of operations sequentially (#23641)
  • Appraisal form Enhancements (#23500)
  • CRM reports cleanup (#22844)
  • Open lead status on next contact date (#23445)
  • Quoted Item Comparison Report Enhancements v2 (#23127)
  • Added phone field in product Inquiry (#23170)
  • Added address template for luxembourg (#23621)
  • Provision to draft quotation from portal (#23416)
  • M-pesa integration (#23439)
  • Education Desk, Dashboard, and Onboarding (#22825)
  • Added search to support page (#22447)
  • Balance Serial Nos in Stock Ledger report (#23675)
  • Added POS Register report (#23313)
  • Added Project in Sales Analytics report (#23309)
  • Enhancement in Loan Topups (#23049)
  • Inpatient Medication Order and Entry (#23473)
  • Option to print UOM after quantity (#23263)
  • Supplier Quotation Comparison report (#23323)
  • Supplier Sourced Items in BOM (#23557)
  • Therapy Plan Template (#23558)
  • Youtube interactions via Video (#22867)
  • Laboratory Module (#22853)
  • Shift management (#22262)


  • Multiple POS issues (#23725)
  • Calculate taxes if tax is based on item quantity and inclusive on item price (#23001)
  • Contact us button not visible on the website for the non-variant items (#23217)
  • Loan Security shortfall calculation fixes (#22866)
  • Not able to make Material Request from Sales Order (#23669)
  • Capture advance payments in payment order (#23256)
  • Program and Course Enrollment fixes (#23333)
  • Cannot create an Asset if CWIP disabled and account not set (#23580)
  • Cannot merge pos invoices with inclusive tax (#23541)
  • Do not allow Company as accounting dimension (#23755)
  • Set value of wrong Bank Account field in Payment Entry (#22302)
  • Reverse journal entry for multi-currency (#23165)
  • Updated integrations desk page (#23772)
  • Assessment Result child table not visible when accessed via the Assessment Plan dashboard (#22880)
  • Conversion factor fixes in Stock Entry (#23407)
  • Total calculations for multi-currency RCM invoices (#23072)
  • Show accounts in financial statements upto level 20 (#23718)
  • Consolidated financial statement sums values into wrong parent (#23288)
  • Set SLA variance in seconds for Duration fieldtype (#23765)
  • Added missing reports on selling desk (#23548)
  • Fixed heading in the mobile view (#23145)
  • Misleading filters on Item tax Template Link field (#22918)
  • Do not consider opening entries for TDS calculation (#23597)
  • Attendance calendar map fix (#23245)
  • Post cancellation accounting entry on posting date instead of current (#23361)
  • Set Customer only if Contact is present (#23704)
  • Add Delivery Note Count in Sales Invoice Dashboard (#23161)
  • Breadcrumbs for Maintenance Visit and Schedule (#23369)
  • Raise Error on over receipt/consumption for sub-contracted PR (#23195)
  • Validate if company not set in the Payment Entry (#23419)
  • Ignore company and bank account doctype while deleting company transactions (#22953)
  • Sales funnel data is inconsistent (#23110)
  • Credit Limit Email not working (#23059)
  • Add Company in list fields to fetch for Expense Claim (#23007)
  • Issue form cleaned up and renamed Minutes to First Response field (#23066)
  • Quotation lost reason options fix (#22814)
  • Tax amounts in HSN Wise Outward summary (#23076)
  • Patient Appointment not able to save (#23434)
  • Removed Working Hours field from Company (#23009)
  • Added check-in time validation in the Inpatient Record - Transfer (#22958)
  • Handle Blank from/to range in Numeric Item Attribute (#23483)
  • Sequence Matcher error in Bank Reconciliation (#23539)
  • Fixed Conversion Factor rate for the BOM Exploded Item (#23151)
  • Payment Schedule not fetching (#23476)
  • Validate if removed Item Attributes exist in variant items (#22911)
  • Set default billing address for purchase documents (#22950)
  • Added help link in navbar settings (#22943)
  • Apply TDS on Purchase Invoice creation from Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt (#23282)
  • Education Module fixes (#23714)
  • Filter out canceled entries in customer ledger summary (#23205)
  • Fiscal Year and Tax Rates for Italy (#23623)
  • Production Plan incorrect Work Order qty (#23264)
  • Added new filters in the Batch-wise Balance History report (#23676)
  • Update state code and union territory for Daman and Diu (#22988)
  • Set Stock UOM in item while creating Material Request from Stock Entry (#23436)
  • Sales Order to Purchase Order flow improvement (#23357)
  • Student Admission and Student Applicant fixes (#23515)

Please try out these beta releases and let us know your thoughts. Also, please report bugs if any on GitHub issues.


Thank you for this release… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Thank you for the release.

@netchampfaris The overriding of doctype class method is not called. Here is what I have tried

In hooks.py

override_doctype_class = {
'SalesInvoice': 'custom_4cs.overrides.CustomSalesInvoice'

In custom_4cs/overrides.py

from erpnext.accounts.doctype.sales_invoice.sales_invoice import SalesInvoice
class CustomSalesInvoice(SalesInvoice):
# Healthcare
    def set_healthcare_services(self, checked_values):
        msgprint(_("CustomSalesInvoice: set_healthcare_services is called"), raise_exception=1)

What in the world did you guys do with the login page?

The login page is okay… i think you have adjusted some codes via html

CSS, maybe?

Are you running on v13 beta? If not make sure your in v13 by using switch to branch then do bench update and bench requirements to insall all dependencies.

It’s already on v13 Beta. The error is on Executing erpnext.patches.v13_0.update_old_loans

What version of erpnext and frappe do u have right now? If your on erpnext beta 4 sudo bench update will do.

ERPNext: v13.0.0-beta.4 (HEAD)

Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.5 (HEAD)

It happens to me also yesterday i just use bench update and bench requirements make sure its a clean install no any custom app were running

Do you have loans? Seems the problem is that the patch is trying to edit a cancelled loan

Yes i have loans make sure you have clean install erpnext first before making updates just my observation.

I’m facing this, login page of one of the site looks like this after upgrade.

Clearing website cache and refresh/reload doesn’t fix it.

It works in incognito window.

The error has been there for a bit. I reported it severally but it received no attention (obviously). In other to complete the patches, i’ve had to comment out this and a few other patches that have this error.

I didn’t adjust any code. Whenever there’s a new release i spin up a new instance and update to see what changes there are and “what’s been fixed and/or broken” before applying to my production. If you check the headers of the screenshot (which was unfortunately slightly visible) you would see company name as Demo. That’s because it’s a demo instance i spun to test the new release and that screenshot was taken right after the update. The instance has no data or customization.

Set the website theme to “Standard”
EDIT: A hard reload fixed the login page for me.

Am also trying to override class but it not called.