[Release Notes] Version 11.1.0!

Hi @snv
Custom Script Reports related API’s merged?


To answer your question, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
You can check the pull requests on GitHub.

Okay. Thanks!!

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Congrats to all of us using, fixing and promoting such a good tool of work.

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Hi folks!! Ver 11 looks really amazing. But I’m facing a trouble, v 11.1 doesn’t run any of my previous Custom Scripts at all!!.. migrating from previous v10, not even for debugging. I saw a few changes on documentation regarding the use with ‘refresh’ and refresh: { func… Tried both and none seems to execute the code. Anyone facing same thing? regards!

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same issue here. just went to check now after seeing your post and found out my custom scripts don’t work anymore.

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So am I. For e.g, I have a Purchase Order Approval workflow in which the status goes from Draft to ‘To Receive and Bill’ directly even though it should ideally go to the next defined workflow state ‘Pending Approval’

Here’s what I did, I duplicated the workflow. And then I gave access to workflow action to that particular Role. I noticed that in the v11 update there’s a new doctype workflow action.

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Hi ,

Workflows and Custom Scripts are used extensively by many ERPNext users. I think it is critical to provide a step-by-step guide on how this should be managed when migrating from V10 => V11

It can be quite devastating, in some cases, to upgrade and discover all your Workflows and Custom Scripts have stopped working!!

This needs to be looked into seriously


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In case you guys having problems with page/report roles,

You may use this code I made:

I have observed that I can no longer customize core frappe DocTypes like “User”. Is there any workaround? I need to add a few fields to the User DocTypes.

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A contact (which has a user link) can be customised. What is the usecase for customising the user doctype?

Use case would be if we need additional information from the user during signup itself, like profession, City, etc. Since the Signup Page defaults to the User DocType, it would have been best if I could customize the User DocType after adding the required fields. Is there a better way to go about this? I could make a web form with a custom DocType but how would I add the OTP functionality to it?

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Is possible to have two version (v 10 and v 11) on one server? Right now we have two sites, one for testing/trying/experimenting/learning and another one for production. But both sites run the same frappe/erpnext version.

How can I switch one site only to v11 and keep production in v10 until I test everything? Is this possible? Or only by using another server / virtual machine?

Few would disagree with you. This is a classic resource problem, we need more volunteers and contributers :wink:

edit: Don’t forget all customizations are a user responsibility, moreover regardless whether your software is proprietary or open source, the rule is caveat emptor!


Hi @clarkej

normally I would have agreed with you but definitely not for a major release like this. You shouldn’t put out release notes and steps to update for a major release without at least a clear warning that Custom Scripts and Workflows won’t work… that’s quite serious and will undoubtedly lead to some very nasty user experiences!

If we can save people some serious headaches then we should, rather than say “Sorry, it’s your responsibility to ensure everything works” - even if it is :blush:



“at least a clear warning that Custom Scripts and Workflows won’t work… that’s quite serious and will undoubtedly lead to some very nasty user experiences!”

Ok yes perhaps a sentence or two of warning or say a disclaimer.

The question is, what is obvious and what to assume about the user - where do you draw the line?

Naivete and due diligence go hand in hand and usually resolve themselves in short order.

Caveat emptor means you may need to pay someone to blame :slight_smile:

I totally agree… we don’t matter to catch-up with changes on how things work (is part of the growth process), but lack of information makes it impossible to contribute. We’ll remain in V10 until Custom Scripts are back :slight_smile:, since our project relies on it. All the best for the magnificent work !

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Well that’s the basis of this forum, for folks to inform themselves assuming they are motivated!?

EDIT: Perhaps best to close this thread now…