[Release Notes] Version 11.1.5

We’ve been working hard to fix some of the issues reported by users.

Frappe v11.1.5

  • We are now compatible with the latest version of Oauthlib
  • Faster ListView load times (see #6887) :tada:
  • Fixes to avoid “Too many connections” error from MariaDB
  • String encoding fixes in Newsletter DocType
  • Set default print language in Notfication
  • Fix Typo: Exection Time → Execution Time
  • Permission failure message will be shown only if permission is checked for session user
  • Fix incorrect total subscribers count after inserting or deleting email group members
  • Currency symbol now appears correctly in ListView for multiple currencies
  • Read receipt not triggered by default
  • Fixes to improve Kanban UX (#6906)
  • Print Previews now include footer and a message indicating that print may go into multiple pages
  • Changes to make DB migration faster
  • Fixes for filters UI
  • Field defaults now set based on user permissions
  • Fixes to Query Reports to ensure that correct integer values are reflected
  • User permissions can now be inserted/updated in bulk

ERPNext v11.1.5

  • Task dates now validated in Project
  • Item field fixed for clinical procedure template
  • Fixes to a patch which creates department records for companies
  • Finance book now a link field and correctly fetched for Assets DocType
  • Branch now a link field for Salary Slip DocType
  • Fixes to show missing projects in Purchase Register report
  • Patch to delete old DocType Notification Control
  • Warehouse tree now shown in Company Currency
  • A friendly message is now printed when Stock Reconciliation is enqueued as a background job
  • Fixes to create stock entry correctly from transferred raw materials
  • Material Requests can now have a user-input based title
  • Removed account type filter on employee advance account
  • Fixes for deferred accounting
  • Fix error in BOM Stock Calculated Report and Stock Balance Report
  • Barcode now set in Item row after scanning barcode

Thanks to all the contributors. See you again next Tuesday!