Reload_doc on callback

I need reload the doc of py function return on my callback function.

TypeError: doc.reload_doc is not a function

py function return a document:

js take the document and do a reload:


frm is for current form(my current form is ‘payment entry’). I wanna reload the form of py function return, ‘titulos’ form.

Any help?

What do you mean reload the form titulos? If it’s not the current form, why do you care about reloading it?

Cause in the same way when i move to titulos list, and access the form that i changed some values by script, it ask for reload…

What you probably want to do is remove the stored data for those documents from your browser. Try this:

delete locals[doc.doctype][];

That’s it!
Thanks a lot @Ben_Cornwell_Mott