Reload often needed

often i have the problem, that i need to reload the site (F5 or "reload, if button appears).

Often i can see content of an older objekt inside the new opened object.
e.g. i worked in a task, changed something in text, save it, and close it (by clicking on “task” in breadcrump navi (left-top) and i open a new task, i have those older text insie.After reload, all is clear and fine.
That was the reason for irritations in my team, because they thought, the text is wrong …

i open a new timesheet an see the project of another timesheet i worked before. after relaod the project box is empty, as it is right.

i change or add tags (left column), but back to list view i cannot see the new or changed tags - i have to reload manually.

Tested with firefox (newst) an chrome on a pc - also a mac.

Bug or feature?

I think it’s a feature. The page gets stored in your cache, so when you update the code/data, you have to clear the cache (which happens when you hit the reload button) or else your changes don’t appear.

Actually this is a bug. I experience it intermittently myself but not frequently enough for me to care. I thought it was local to me.

Open an issue on github. Also add the version you are working with. I’ll label it as a bug as soon as you do