Remarks, allow after submit

Accounts > Sales Invoice > Field name = remarks

Have asked this earlier that the said field is required to be made as “allow on submit”

Have received a feedback long back that the core settings shall not be changed, rather, shouldnt be changed in the interest of integrity of data that is made to be submitted.

Would still again request as the “remarks” field doesnt actually have any direct / indirect effect on the function of accounts module / inventory module.

Hence the request again and awaiting a revert ( after a positive perspective of the issue based on the reasoning given)



In fact, since we have the option of changing the allow on submit nature of fields, I guess only certain fields should be blocked and not all standard fields since making remarks is not going to do any harm.

I guess the obvious reply that I might get is to create a custom field and set it as allow on submit , but theres not any other purpose, than to share a doc related information which can also be used from the comment system,…

But I need the remarks field specifically cause this is used everywhere, in print formats, standard as well as custom ones, also in the reports, especially, the sales register …

Still would be urging if the same can be unlocked so that users can change to “allow on submit” if they wish to ( at their risk )

Awaiting reply

You can add new custom field and make is ‘allow on submit’

I think its good to keep existing setting same and allow only administrator to change standard field as allow on submit. By this way, both developer and system user will identify risk and take correct decision