Remembering John Clarke

Dear all,

Very sad to share with you that our dear community member @clarkej has passed away due to leukemia on October 12th. Here is an obituary posted by the family

I will always remember John as someone who brought a lot of kindness to the community. He was extremely patient with new users and even though he was quite senior in his career, he took great care to help users figure their way around ERPNext and be participants of the community.

Was fun interacting with him at the 2018 Conference where we presented John with the Best Forum Contributor Award.

Always sad to lose contributors, but John lived a great life and he definitely made the forum a better place for everyone!

Attaching a picture I have of him from the 2018 conference.


He is been a Good Contributor every since i joined Erpnext last year most of the time i saw his comments and solutions towards every members concern… wherever he is now im sure he is happy cause he is with the LORD. condolences to his Family. Thank you for Everything Sir.


May his soul rest in peace.

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Oh wow!!! May his soul rest in peace.

John was an awesome guy. He was very patient and responsive with his posts. He was totally committed to ERPNext and was actively engaged in evangelizing ERPNext in Western Canada.

This is a huge loss to the community.

I definitely will miss him for a long time to come.



May the divine Soul Rest in Peace

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Ooh Beloved John is gone.Only remembered by what you have done.Eternity is real.

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he was always there being supportive, and as said by Rushabh, many new bie questions he would reach out and clarify and post old posts to clarify.
Shows how down to earth and a true contribute in Free Software spirit he was. !!



I had a few words with him on my small thread. I felt like there was someone present who really cared. I bookmarked their post and shared it with others for solutions. He was the best caregiver of this community who is no longer present. We have lost a really great leader from the community. They will be lacking forever. God give peace to their souls.

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Really sad to hear this, we all will miss you a lot.

It’s a great loss for the ERPNext community.

May his soul rest in peace.


RIP @clarkej
Very active contributor in the ERPNext community! :raised_hands:

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Every soul shall taste death … Sad indeed … he was supportive and his posts helping others are all around the forum and will continue to help others even in his absence… RIP @clarkej


I was wondering @clarkej stillness in the forum, now know unfortunately it’s stays. In our heart we all appreciate the help and clear solutions, with not too sophisticated explanations. He was react gently and well understood the situation. Now His footprints will help to others. Thank You!
Rest in peace

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I was able to spend some time with John during the week of the conference 2018; we visited the Frappe offices together. For those who were not able to meet him, his kindness and generosity were ever-present and are well reflected by his contributions to this community. He will be sorely missed.


May his soul rest in peace

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This news saddens me so much. There was a small group of North Americans (@clarkej was proudly Canadian) that came to the 2018 conference. John stayed at a different hotel than I did, but we met every morning for breakfast and then walked to the conference. He had traveled internationally much more than me and encouraged me to soak up as much India/Mumbai culture as possible.

One night we agreed to get dinner together and were trying to balance our need for food with a bit of familiarity and safety. John convinced me to walk from the hotel near the Dadar train station down to this place in Lower Parel. It was ~45 minutes each way on a beautiful night and we got to see so much more of Mumbai than I would have on my own.

It was a great gift from John.

A gift of time, a gift of experience, and a gift of wisdom.

He told me how much he loved his family and we all saw how much he loved the ERPNext community. And he was TRULY shocked to receive the Best Forum Contributor Award! He considered it a great honor.

Within the project, John’s anthem/drumbeat was “TESTING”. So many of my questions to him came back with good answers and then a reminder to “Be sure to include tests. We need more tests!” If you want to do something for John this week, write a test!

… and Peace to you my friend John. I have no doubt you are reading the forum from somewhere.


Rest In Peace @clarkej

Rest in Peace …!!!

Fare thee well Champ :heart::kenya: