⚠️ Reminder: v13 is nearing End-Of-Life

V13 support will end on 31st December 2023. It’s advised to plan an upgrade soon to receive latest fixes/features.

Migration guides are present on the wiki if you have custom apps or customizations that might need to be adapted for next major version.


Has the time period for support of versions changed from 3 years from date of release?

thanks for the reminder @ankush :grinning:

Bye Bye v13, and Welcome to v14 :star_struck:

@kartik yes, as of now we had to reduce it ~2.5 years. IMO both Framework and ERPNext are maturing quite well, so we’ll soon start providing LTS versions. V13 has had a supported life of 2.75 years.

As of now supporting more than 2 concurrent major versions is becoming quite a problem for us. Especially because of large refactors from v14/v15.

v13 also was built on top of system dependencies like python 3.6, MariaDB 10.3, NodeJS 12 which are all already EOL or nearing EOL. So it’s not wise to keep supporting this version.


Just to clarify you mean to say that Frappe team would not be pushing any fixes etc related to it but users are free to use as long as they wish to. We currently do have some clients still on version 10/11 also :smile:

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Thanks. I think it should be updated on the below page as well for clarity.
Supported Versions

Yes, Pawan. Good point. End-of-Life should actually be End-of-Support. Even so, it makes me sad. :cry:

I really like version 13. Not a fan of the tabular layout in version 14. But eventually I suppose I’ll move on, maybe I’ll see what version 15 ends up being like first.


With some effort you can get rid of tabs in v15 and latest v14 too. If you REALLY don’t like them.

Go to customize form and drop all tabs to end and hide them. Your layout will be a single tab like before. If you mess it up there’s a “Reset Layout” in action menu to start over.